Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Company Name

CLA Company Limited



Seller's Address


Chiba13, Nakanodai, Noda-city, Chiba- prefecture, Japan


This phone number has been confirmed as valid and accurate.

Hours & Shop Information

Opening Hours: 10: 00 ~ 17: 00
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays

About Price

The selling price will be the amount displayed (displayed price / consumption tax included).

About Payment Billing Date

Payment method: You can use settlement by credit card. Payment Timing: Payment will be confirmed at the time the product order is confirmed.

Post pay(Pay ID):

・ Convenience store: Pay on the 10th of the month following purchase: Payment service fee: 350 JPY (tax included)

・ Bank account transfer: Debited account by the 27th of the following month : Payment service fee: Free

Bank Transfer:

Bank Transfer commission fee: 360 yen (w/ tax)

Shipping Date

We will ship within 5 days after receiving a request for delivery.

Notes on Refund and Returning Goods

Depending on the character of the product, this product does not respond to returns at all.